Friendly Face, Warm Meals

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

ONTARIO – Jim Houston grabbed the turkey dinner out of his pickup Thursday and walked to the door. In his three years of volunteering for Meals on Wheels, Houston had delivered to Dennis Slager numerous times.

Slager, clad in a bathrobe and sweat pants, welcomed Houston. Inside, the temperature was only a few degrees warmer than the outside. No lights were on, no television played.

Houston knew something was wrong this time.

Throughout the year, Meals on Wheelers volunteers such as Houston are the only regular visitors to seniors around Malhuer County. As would prove the case Thursday, such visits can be life saving.

Sitting in an apartment or home with no way to drive, many with family far away and only a dog or two to keep them company, the sight of Houston walking through the door with a prepared meal is . . .