COLUMN: Gala at TVCC a good way to while away an evening

ONTARIO – The first item up for live auction Friday night at Treasure Valley Community College’s Foundation Gala caught my attention.

For sale, so to speak, was a work party made up of players from the Chukar baseball team. You could get six to eight players for up to four hours for muscling through whatever chore needed doing.

My timing was awful. Just hours earlier, we had finished moving into the new offices of the Malheur Enterprise. Some Chukar brawn would have been handy.

Still, the gala proved to be a great tonic for a hard day at the office for the move.

And the real winners from the night’s event were students. The annual event raises money for the foundation to fund scholarships.

But there’s a lot of fun getting that money into the till, so to speak.

The event is, of course, one place to catch . . .