SPECIAL REPORT: Ontario tax approval built on outdated crime claims

By Les Zaitz

The Enterprise

ONTARIO – Ontario city officials have overlooked a five-year drop in crime while they seek millions in new taxes they say are needed to protect the community.

They said police jobs have been cut. The jobs City Manager Adam Brown and Mayor Ron Verini say were eliminated happened as long as 12 years ago.

The budgeted force, however, has been stable for at least four years, according to city budgets.

They also wrongly claim the city has no detective, but one is assigned to a regional drug team.

In recent weeks, they have warned the community could lose more police officers unless a sales tax goes into force. The Ontario City Council approved the tax in September with estimates it would raise $3.3 million a year. Among other expenditures, the city has told the community that the new money would not only . . .