Mayor, police chief respond to sales tax questions

The Enterprise

Ontario’s streets are “less safe than I would like,” Mayor Ron Verini wrote recently.

The mayor’s remark was part of a response to questions posed by the Malheur Enterprise during its reporting on the city budget.

Here are the questions and answers from Verini, or as noted, Chief Cal Kunz. The answers have been edited for brevity and to remove extensive quotes from a 2014 consultant’s report on police services. The full text of that report is available on the Ontario city website at ontariooregon.org/SalesTaxDiscussion.cfm.


Q: The report showed the calls for service in 2013 totaled 10,836. In 2016, according to the city manager, the city had 10,198 calls for service. That is a reduction in three years of 638 calls for service. What is the basis for stating that calls for service are increasing?