Last of seized dogs at animal shelter find new home

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

NYSSA — The last five of the 43 Yorkie/Terriers and other dogs seized from a Weiser home in August have either been adopted or are in foster care.

The adult dogs and puppies ended up at Ani-Care Animal Shelter Inc. on Oregon Highway 201 after police seized them from Weiser resident Kimberly L. Anderson.

Police seized the dogs after they went to Anderson’s home to check on the condition of her husband. Police said in an affidavit that the dogs lived in unhealthy conditions.
Anderson was charged with 37 counts of cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor. Anderson pleaded not guilty.

The dogs were turned over to Ani-Care after they were seized and the shelter was eventually granted legal possession.

Kim Hanson, an Ani-Care director, said three of the remaining five dogs were adopted during the weekend. Two more are in foster care, said Hanson. One of the dogs in foster care is a Scottish Terrier mix and the other animal is a Pointer mix, Hanson said.

The dogs captured the attention of the public, said Kim Hanson, an Ani-Care director.

“We had multiple, multiple applications for the puppies. Then we also had quite a few for some of the adult Yorkies,” said Hanson.

Hanson said she was pleased with the response from the public.

Hanson also lauded all the volunteers that stepped up to help the shelter.

“I am so appreciative of those volunteers. They helped keep the dogs fed and watered and cleaned and groomed,” said Hanson.

Hanson said the volunteers are crucial because Ani-Care Animal Shelter Inc. still can’t afford full-time employees.

“We won’t be able to afford employees until we can get some grants,” said Hanson.

Hanson said local residents along with people from Idaho, Oregon and Arizona adopted the animals.

Hanson said.

Adoptable dogs remain at the shelter. To find out more, contact Hanson at (541) 709-0079.

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