EDITORIAL: Malheur County’s punt to governor warrants new try

No other area of the state has what Malheur County has – special privilege to recommend changes to state law and policies that impede economic development. The eyes of the rest of Oregon will be on us to see how we use that privilege. Our first step out, though, wasn’t the best start.

The Oregon Legislature this year created a new economic district for that part of Malheur County bordering Idaho. State Rep. Cliff Bentz of Ontario teamed up with House Speaker Tina Kotek to usher through this extraordinary opportunity. They even managed to snag $5 million in state money at a time the state is low on cash. Gov. Kate Brown supported the effort, one of several gestures she has made to our region this year.

Here’s what is supposed to happen. The governor will appoint a seven-person board to run the effort. The board will look . . .