Barbershop is epicenter for talk – and dissent – on Ontario sales tax

By Pat Caldwell
The Enterprise
ONTARIO — Dan Moore set up his barbershop in Ontario because he liked the atmosphere of the town.
“It is the hub of the valley,” Moore, 32, said.
Moore, a former Weiser resident, turned on the barber pole at his one-chair Plaza Barbershop eight years ago. Over time and under the watchful eyes of a painting of a barber at work and a vintage photo poster of Marylyn Monroe, Moore built a steady customer base. Sporting a long beard and a self-avowed motorcycle enthusiast, Moore knows most of his customers and is often a silent but encouraging sounding board for comments, opinions and theories from locals. One topic has dominated talk at his shop lately — the city’s new 1 percent sales tax.
Moore said the sentiment against it runs deep.
“It’s pretty clear in here why it’s unpopular,” Moore . . .