County will cut 1 day at landfill

By John L. Braese
The Enterprise
VALE – People looking to get rid of garbage around the house now have one less day to dispose it after the Malheur County Court approved closing the Lytle Boulevard Landfill on Saturdays beginning Saturday.
The closure will continue through the end of December 2017.
The move comes after the amount of garbage going into the facility has increased to a point where the county may lose its state permit to operate as a small dump.
The state Department of Environmental Quality stipulates that the landfill can only take in 20 tons of garbage per day. Currently, the landfill is averaging 21.35 tons per day, a 6 percent increase over last year.
“We really don’t now why it has increased,” said Craig Geddes, director of Malheur County Environmental Health. “We just know we are over the limit.”
Although historically the last . . .