Long closed truck stop coming to life

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

FAREWELL BEND – Many in the county have memories of the truck stop in Farewell Bend -- the food, the bar, spending a night in the motel, gassing up the station wagon for a trip to the coast.

Since 2011, the property has been a ghost town of boarded up and closed buildings. A sign warns of dog patrols.

Now, a Georgia corporation is looking to bring the freeway truck stop 25 miles north of Ontario back to life.

Joseph Alee, a partner in the company that owns 42 gas stations and four truck stops in the southern U.S., said the Farewell Bend location is the first attempt to move into western states.

“We are planning on building a line of truck stops between the Idaho-Oregon border and Portland and then extending down to California,” Alee said. “Basically, we want . . .