Legal Notices – September 27

Public Notice
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has increased the prescribed Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC) to 18.8%. This change will be effective on your October, 2017 bill from Oregon Telephone Corp. The FUSC amount is calculated by multiplying the FCC’s universal service contribution factor times your interstate service charges. The federal universal service fund program is designed to help keep local telephone service rates affordable for all customers, in all areas of the United States.
Oregon Telephone Corporation

In accordance with Sec. 106 of the Programmatic Agreement, T-Mobile West, LLC proposes to install a new antenna structure at 1234 High Desert Road Juntura, OR 97911. Please direct comments to Gavin L. at 818-898-4866 regarding site SL02673A.

Notice to Interested Persons
In the County Court of the State of Oregon for the County of Malheur. In the Matter of the Estate of William . . .