Foster child board offers locals chance to give back to community

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

ONTARIO — The cases sometimes linger for Ontario resident John Taggart and his wife Lois.

The Taggarts are members of the Malheur County Citizen Review Board, a group of volunteers that review cases of children placed in foster care by state officials.

Occasionally a specific case will be especially poignant for the retired teachers.

John Taggart recalls one involving one of his former students. Taggart remembered a student who “had a number of things going for her.”

He never expected to see her come before the review board.

But there she was, addicted to narcotics, her children taken by the state, her situation under review.

“That case stuck with me and my wife,” said Taggart.

Taggart and his wife and the other members of the local volunteer board see cases once a month when it conducts a state-sanctioned review. Taggart said he knows what drives . . .