Onion yields may be down for 2017 harvest campaign

By Pat Caldwell
The Enterprise
ONTARIO – More acres of onions are in the ground this year and the crop appears to be good in terms of quality but yields will be down according to local agriculturists.
Across the valley about 22,000 acres of onions are in the ground for the 2017 season. Last year, about 21,000 acres of onion were in use.
Still, it looks like fewer onions per acre will be harvested this year.
“That’s attributable to the wet spring and the very hot spell we had this summer,” said Bruce Corn, a local onion farmer.
Because the storage harvest has yet to start it is impossible to know how far yields will sag this season.
“The crop was planted late and slow to develop. So (yields) are still a moving target,” said Reitz, cropping systems agent for the Malheur Experiment Station.
Harvesting is . . .