Eldorado may come to life again thanks to eclipse

By Les Zaitz

The Enterprise

A total solar eclipse hits Malheur County about every 375 years, making Monday’s event a once-in-a-lifetime experience to catch.

To milk every second of that rare darkness, head to Eldorado.

According to NASA’s calculations, the former gold town will provide the longest period of darkness in Malheur County – two minutes and nine seconds.

That makes it one of the best places in the county to catch this spectacle.

And federal scientists calculate that Malheur County has the highest odds of any place in Oregon to be cloud free on Monday. There is a 93 percent chance, for instance, that Ontario will be cloudless on Monday. With the latest forecasts suggesting clouds on the west side of the state, the area could see a last-minute surge in spectacle seekers.

And while people are waiting for totality, they can . . .