Fire season arrives in a big way

It's peak fire season in Malheur County and it shows.

Last week federal, state, and local fire crews scrambled to contain fire complexes near Rome, Jordan Valley, and along the rim rock above Lake Owyhee.

A near-daily appearance of thunderstorms dropped lightning across the remote reaches of the dry county, igniting one fire after another.

The largest blaze, the Bowden fire, burned 16,000 acres 22 miles south of Rome.

The Jordan Valley and Lake Owyhee fires burned smaller, but in both instances, structures were at risk and so were livelihoods. Fire crews from around east Oregon coordinated to contain the flare-ups.

The Hawk fire Thursday, in Jordan Valley, reported Thursday, scorched over 1,400 acres before it was put out. Both BLM and rangeland protection association crews took the afternoon and night dousing the flames and digging line.

Annie Mackenzie, a Jordan Valley Rangeland . . .