EDITORIAL: State agency needs to improve its approach to Ontario-Four Rivers issues

Summer wears on, a new school year approaches, and still arguments persist over the futures of the Ontario School District and Four Rivers Community School. The community appears no closer to resolving the fate of local high school students. The blame in part belongs to the state Education Department and the state board.

A lot is tangled up in the debate. The two school systems jealously protect their programs and reputations. They each say they are doing what’s best for students. They disagree over how many students and how much money has been lost to Four Rivers’ recent expansion into high school offerings.

These haven’t been idle issues. The cost in time, money and bruised feelings has been high for both school systems. The state agency itself has spent money on investigators and mediators.

Ontario school officials insist that state officials muffed the process from the start. They . . .