Collision Course

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

JORDAN VALLEY – Dark settled over U.S. 95 out on the Oregon desert, and the three construction workers still had 100 miles to go.

The two in the front seat chatted while the third man in the back seat listened to music. The drive south so far was unremarkable, similar to what they’d done nearly every weekend to get to their high-paying jobs in Winnemucca.

Coming the other way, Brandon L. Fuller, 45, was alone at the wheel of his black Toyota Tundra, bound for Boise.

In the previous half hour, he had sideswiped an SUV south of the Oregon-Nevada border, rocketed past a freight truck in a no-passing lane, and later crossed into the oncoming lane, forcing a van to veer out of his way.

Now, he bore down on the Chevrolet Trailblazer carrying the three men. Driver . . .