EDITORIAL: College should note lessons following campus assault

The criminal case over an assault at Treasure Valley Community College may be over, but the college still has work to do. College officials need to improve handling such incidents.

The assault happened last April. A welding instructor, Tyson B. Smith, admitted shoving college electrician Kenneth Strickland in a class area on campus. Strickland required medical treatment for a head injury and was off duty for a time. He just recently returned to work. Smith pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and lost his job at the college.

This was a crime and a police matter, but Treasure Valley Community College officials treated it as a confidential personnel matter. Remember, this is a crime that happened in a public classroom on a college campus with students in the area. The college, though, said not a word publicly about it. Students and faculty were left in the dark, which . . .