Ontario looking at gravelling

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

A group is looking into using Malheur County’s seemingly endless network of roads to economic advantage by bringing in bike riders who like gravel.

“I first heard about the idea while attending a governor’s conference on tourism,” said John Breidenbach, president of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “Currently, we are forming a group to explore this and other ideas in outdoor recreation we can offer.”

A gravel bike is a road bike designed for riding on dirt roads. Looking much like the road bikes seen just two weekends ago during the Owyhee Hunger Ride, gravel bikes add a longer wheel base, a more upright sitting position, disc brakes and clearance for use of larger, knobby tires.

On the market for just a few years, the bikes are also being advertised as adventure bikes and all-road or all-terrain bikes . . .