Vale receives payment on 20 year debt

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

VALE – A Colorado company recently paid a two decade-old debt to the city of Vale against a closed mushroom plant but what triggered the $36,000 payment isn’t clear.

The check covers past water services provided to Western Heritage Investments by the city. The company, which owns the property where a mushroom plant once operated, still owes $44,000 for sewer services, according to city officials.

The plant was operated by Oregon Trail Mushrooms and closed in 2007. Oregon Trail’s parent company subsequently went bankrupt in Colorado.

Delivered by mail to city hall, the payment for the past-due water bill came in a check from PNM Holdings Inc. of Sedalia, Colo. The company has no telephone listing or other publicly available contact information.

The $36,000 payment comes as a separate Canadian firm pursues plans to build a . . .