Nyssa rides tall for Rodeo Nites

By Mitchell Willetts

The Enterprise

The Nyssa Rodeo grounds were surrounded Saturday. Hundreds of fans filled the blue and white bleachers to watch cowboys make themselves a name or just a little money.

Outside the center ring, a dozen other shows were taking place, where the action is more intimate and harder to follow. Kim Speelman is one such show.

The Nyssa Nite Rodeo Board president had been readying the event for months, securing sponsors, bringing in cowboys, tidying the grounds, doing whatever necessary to make the 72nd Nyssa rodeo happen.

All that preparation buys a little breathing room, but when Nyssa Nite finally arrives, there isn't much time for her to enjoy it.

She bounces around from one hiccup to the next, attending each little crisis as it comes or tasking it to another crewmember. She runs a circuit of her own from the announcer crow . . .