Judge questions Montwheeler competency

By Les Zaitz
The Enterprise
VALE – A state judge Tuesday ordered a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether accused killer Anthony Montwheeler is competent to stand trial.
If he is found incompetent, proceedings in the murder case would pause.
Malheur County Senior Circuit Judge Patricia Sullivan acted after learning that Montwheeler, 49, had cut himself while in jail. He appeared by video at Tuesday’s court hearing Tuesday with the cut marks visible on his upper arm. He was dressed in a suicide smock, his attorney said.
The surprise development came on the day when Montwheeler was expected to enter pleas on charges he kidnapped and killed an ex-wife and killed a Vale man and injured his wife in a crash while eluding police.
Instead of taking a plea, the judge said she heard enough to worry that Montwheeler isn’t mentally capable of helping his defense.
Montwheeler was released . . .