Widmers honored at Nyssa Nite Rodeo

By Mitchell Willetts

The Enterprise

NYSSA – That first date at the rodeo brought Donelle and LaVern Widmer closer, and a love of horses has kept them close ever since.

That shared passion has been reflected in their contributions and involvement in all things rodeo related in Nyssa, and is why they've been selected as the 2017 grand marshals of Nyssa Nite Rodeo.

"I think it's a good deal," Donelle said.

"My family thinks it's a good deal," LaVern said, less enthusiastic about his new marshal duties than Donelle. "It's a great honor. I'll put it that way."

LaVern would rather be manning the rough stock gate at the rodeo, as he has in years past, than waving from a parade float. He's not much for having his personal life under the spotlight either, he said.

"All I really want them to know . . .