COLUMN: Vale auction serves up treasures, entertainment

Those water pumps will haunt me.

I’d gone to the Allen White estate auction in Vale recently because, well, auctions are a form of recreation for me.

And I never go home empty-handed. I mean, a guy who can’t find something he needs at a good ranch auction just isn’t looking hard enough.

The three electric water pumps were being sold as a bunch. Auctioneer Sam Baker of Baker Auction Co. was doing the best he could to draw out top dollar. I strolled over from another auction ring to see what was for sale.

Pumps? What rancher doesn’t need more pumps. At my place, I have three ponds, irrigation ditches and a big creek and can never seem to move enough water.

I heard a bid of $20. I did the math – $60 for all three. Then Baker explained to reluctant bidders . . .