Malheur County grads: You can help build a better community, world

Hey, high school seniors. Do you have a moment? We’d like to chat.

We’re hopeful that in your next phase of life, we can count on you. Your family, your community, and your country need you now more than ever. No matter your path once out of high school, you should step into these tumultuous times with a “can do” attitude.

As you do, remember that character counts. Yes, it’s a T-shirt slogan and pops up on posters, but it’s an effective guide. By character, we mean integrity – honesty in actions, truthfulness in speech. By character, we mean humility. Don’t absorb the lesson of the current times that you are an expert just because you have an opinion. By character, we mean compassion. Be caring of those around you and especially of people you don’t know.

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