Jordan Valley’s Big Loop opens rodeo season

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

JORDAN VALLEY – Although some claim the rodeo season begins with the Riggins Rodeo held a couple weeks earlier in Idaho, real fans of the rough stock know the Jordan Valley Big Loop is truly the start of the buckles.

Under a sunny 82 degrees and with sunburns aplenty, the rodeo opened on Friday with slack competition followed by public performances on Saturday with the action wrapping up Sunday.

This year’s event premiered new metal bleachers for fans.

Started in 1958, proceeds from the rodeo are reinvested each year into improvements and bolstering the paychecks of those entering events.

For last weekend’s event, pickups stretched out of town, parked on the side of Highway 95. Families filled the park area next to the rodeo arena, looking over booths filled with saddles, cowboy hats, art and Western attire.

For those hungry, the trailer housing the Malheur County Search and Rescue team served up breakfast items along with hamburgers and hot dogs.

Saturday’s rodeo saw the stands filled with many setting up their “reserved seating” earlier in the morning by means of canopies and blankets.

As announcer Pat Stanford gave out names and times over the next four hours, the crowd clapped, cheered or gasped as riders and ropers attempted the best time or score.

As the rodeo came to an end for the day, crowds cleared out of the stands on way to a tri-tip dinner sponsored by the local Lions Club.

Afterward, locals made their way home, a drive of just a few minutes. Cowboys made their way to tents set up in the high school football field to prepare for the next day’s action. Others hit the highway for the long drive back to towns, returning to homes in both Idaho and Oregon.

Big Loop results

Big Loop

  1. Josh Bruce and Shaun Lequerica, 18.68 seconds. 2. Ross O’Sullivan and Nick Nyman, 18.90 seconds. 3. Alan Mallot and Gene Curtis, 19.90 seconds. 4. Robert Hicks and Steven Jim, 22.30 seconds.

All Around Cowboy

Ross O’Sullivan

Team Roping

  1. RC Crutcher and Robert Crutcher, 8.10 seconds. 2. Jess Lisle and Tao Maestrejuan, 8.36 seconds. 3. Marlow Eldridge and Rob Webb, 8.89.seconds. 4. Dave Boyles and Quirt Boyles, 9.22 seconds. 5. JT Jaca and Lee Wright, 9.29 seconds. 6. Todd Moffis and Doyle Gellerman, 9.99 seconds. 7. Martin Black and Elias Gonzales, 10.80 seconds. 8. Josh Bruce and Shaun Laquerica, 11.26 seconds.

Calf Roping

  1. Bo Pickett, 9.17 seconds. 2. JW Rose, 9.92 seconds. 3. Nick Nyman, 10.49 seconds. 4. Pete Newman, 11.99 seconds. 5. Ross O’Sullivan, 16.66 seconds. 6. Mitch White, 17.93 seconds.

Junior Steer Riding

  1. Anthony Herrera, 49 points.

Junior Barrel Racing

  1. Lexi Garijo, 18.998 seconds. 2. Georgia King, 19.614 seconds. 3. Kelsey Gluch, 19.806 seconds. 4. Gracie King, 20.649 seconds. 5. Madi Borkman, 20.622 seconds. 6. Journey Crutcher, 20.709 seconds.

Open Barrel Racing

  1. Riata Goemmer, 18.023 seconds. 2. Kyna Schrader, 18.441 seconds. 3. Ashley Lawson, 18.474 seconds. 4. Deanna Davis, 18.577 seconds. 5. Megan Miller, 18.638 seconds. 6. Sabra Wright, 18.825 seconds.

Cow riding

  1. Elias Hibbs, 63 points. 2. Porter Rapacon, 60 points. 3. TJ Speelman, 53 points.

Saddle Bronc

  1. Alex Wright, 80 points. 1. Cole Hatcher, 80 points. 3. Christian Stremmler, 74 points. 4. Monte Johnson, 73 points. 4. Cody Allred, 73 points. 4. Teldon McClain, 73 points.

Bull Riding

  1. Anthony Herrera, 72 points.

Stock Saddle Bronc

  1. Daxton Jim, 81 points. 2. Jake Flint, 80 points. 3. Ray Baird, 76 points. 4. Hyland Wilkinson, 74 points. 4. Junior Harney, 74 points. 6. Cody Williams, 73 points.