EDITORIAL: Aid to Malheur County needed, so is explanation for denial

President Trump doesn’t think Malheur County suffered enough from last winter’s storms. That seems to be the message in the dismissive letter from his administration last week turning down a federal disaster declaration for our area. The president ought to reconsider.

Earlier this month, the Federal Emergency Management Agency told the Enterprise that approval of the disaster declaration awaited only Trump’s signature. The paperwork was at the White House. Now, FEMA tells Oregon: Never mind. The letter to Gov. Kate Brown said the storms weren’t of such “severity and magnitude” as to warrant federal help. What?

On behalf of Malheur County, Brown asked the feds for $1.6 million. Most of this would be to put cash back in the till that local entities spent just trying to survive the storms. Ontario School District and Saint Alphonsus Medical Center, for instance, spent more than $1 million . . .