Juntura ends school year with two students

By John L. Braese

The Enterprise

JUNTURA – The school bus, or rather the Chevrolet Suburban, pulls up to the school and the students pile out, ready for class.

Taking their boots off so as not to scuff the floor, Colt Kopcrak, a fourth grader, and Rebekah Joyce, a fifth grader, don house slippers and sit down to begin their day at the Juntura School.

The two take their seats at a table at the front of the classroom. Walls around them are adorned with posters showing the learning of colors to upper division math problems. The books in the case range from Dr. Seuss to teen novels. Both grab a laptop and begin the school day.

Outside the school’s windows, a falling cabin sits across the fence. Last year, a doe and fawn took up residence in the home once occupied by an elderly woman and her son, the . . .