Petersen steps into ordinance officer slot in Nyssa

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

NYSSA – Colin Petersen’s gig as the new Nyssa city ordinance officer may be a part-time job but he puts a full-time focus on his new responsibilities.

Petersen stepped into the slot last month after the former ordinance officer, Jim Maret, was named Nyssa’s city manager.

Petersen, who is also a Nyssa Police Department reserve officer, said the job appealed to him because of its variety.

“Instead of just doing traffic stops, this lets me get to know people,” said Petersen. “I’m out and about every day and nothing is the same.”

Petersen, 25, worked at the Owyhee Irrigation District and attended college before he stepped into the ordinance officer job. Now, he said his goal is to become a full-time police officer, hopefully in Nyssa.

Petersen, who lived in Grant County until his family moved to Nyssa . . .