Jessica Bates finds hope in her faith as she faces dramatically changed life

By Pat Caldwell
The Enterprise

VALE – They were going to be on time.

Jessica Bates remembers looking at the clock in the Excursion her husband, David, was driving as they rolled down Oregon Highway 201 on a cold, overcast January day. The clock read 7 a.m.

“We were doing well timewise,” she said.

David, a radiology manager and Jessica, an ultra-sound technologist, were headed to their jobs at Saint Alphonsus Medical Center in Ontario.

Earlier on that gray morning of Jan. 9, they had gone into their regular routine. Jessica showered first while David trotted into the kitchen to make coffee and help get their five young children up and ready for the day. When Jessica finished, she traded with David so he could shower.

Then they loaded the kids and drove to David’s sister’s house, dropped them . . .