Maret pledge: wise city spending

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

NYSSA — When Jim Maret walked into Nyssa City Hall last week to start his first day as city manager, he realized that life had changed.

“Now I have to put some big shoes on here and just go,” he said.

Maret, who was the Nyssa ordinance officer, stepped into the top city job April 3. He will manage 21 employees and a city with a budget of about $12 million.

Maret replaces Roberta Vanderwall, now the Lakeview city manager.

He said his first day on the job went by fast.

“That first day was full of stuff. A lot of phone calls. I talked to the staff, visited with them to find out what some of their wants, goals, needs and concerns were,” he said.

The new job requires transition, he said.

“For me, the most difficult part is going from . . .