DEADLY DECISIONS: Family of Montwheeler’s ex-wife responds

Police say Anthony W. Montwheeler was driving this pickup when it collided outside Ontario with another vehicle on Jan. 9, 2017, killing the other driver and injuring a passenger. Police found in the pickup the body of Annita Harmon, Montwheeler's ex-wife. (Adam Worthington/KTVB)

The Enterprise

The family of Annita Harmon, who was stabbed to death in the Montwheeler incident, responded Wednesday in a written statement to the Malheur Enterprise's report on Anthony W. Montwheeler. The family previously had declined to comment. Harmon, who divorced Montwheeler 18 months ago, was kidnapped and stabbed to death on Jan. 9, 2017. The family through Harmon's sister Stacey Harmon-Roeber, cites elements of the Enterprise story and responds:

"Jim Hildebrand, the cousin who grew up with Montwheeler, said that after leaving . . .