Teamwork is key for Nyssa dentist

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

NYSSA – For Ruston Munk, the search for success is based on a simple formula.

“We just do our thing and try our best to help the people of Nyssa,” Munk said.

It is a modest business approach that has paid dividends since Munk began to practice dentistry nearly nine years ago in the Thunderegg Capitol of the World. Last week it earned the Business of the Year award from the Nyssa Chamber of Commerce.

Munk also cites another key to success: Teamwork.

“You have to have a good supporting cast. I do. I like these guys. They are team players and they help me out,” Munk said.

Active in the community, Munk has participated in or organized a number of events – including the Nyssa Kids Fair and Cancer Awareness Night – while donating to various Nyssa school sporting clubs.

Munk is a University of Utah graduate, but grew up in Vale and said he always wanted to practice dentistry locally.

“I like the small-town feel,” he said.

After he graduated from Vale High School in 1997, he began a long journey toward his goal of becoming a dentist.

He finished his undergraduate degree at University of Utah, and then had a four-year stint at Case Western Dental School in Cleveland, Ohio.

“And in the middle of that was a two-year mission,” he said.

Munk Family Dental offers traditional dentistry, like fillings, to orthodontics, implants, and wisdom tooth extraction.

Munk said he especially likes orthodontics.

“That is when you can see someone’s smile change and they are happy and that is what makes it worth it as a team, to make those kinds of changes in people’s lives,” he said.

Munk said he was surprised by the chamber recognition.

“It is fantastic. I am really honored,” he said.

Munk said working in a rural area provides the opportunity to offer more individualized care. Also important, he said, is setting the right tone for his clients.

“I try to create, in the office, an atmosphere for my employees where they want to be here. That reflects on how they work and the patients can see it,” he said.


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