EDITORIAL: From ruins could come strength for Malheur County fairgrounds

At the Malheur Count Fairgrounds, a jumble of siding, roofing and lumber is evidence of the power of the snow load. Fair supporters are raising money to help rebuild after the collapse of Girvin Hall

Tents and towed-in bathrooms will have to do this year to make up for buildings lost to snow at the Malheur County Fairgrounds. That temporary fix relieves the urgency to decide right now what to rebuild, and gives the community more time to consider the fairground’s future.

Winter took a terrible toll there. Gavin Hall is gone. Sheep barns are gone, and now comes word that the horse barns have been condemned. Thankfully, fair officials were prudent with insurance coverage and taxpayers can expect a substantial check to help cover the losses. But how to spend . . .