Malheur County residents sound off on Trump

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

VALE – Local supporters of President Trump like what he’s doing so far but they have one bit of advice for him: Stay off social media.

Trump regularly resorts to Twitter to address his critics, push his policies and react to the day’s news.

Malheur County went for Trump in a big way in November. He got 69 percent of the votes for president, while statewide he got 39 percent.

Trump secured 7,194 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 2,246 in the Malheur County. He did best in precincts in rural Nyssa, rural Vale and the area around the fairgrounds and Ontario Heights.

In rural Nyssa, for example, Trump collected 625 votes to Clinton’s 88.

In northern rural Vale, Trump amassed 566 votes while Clinton collected 86.

“I wish he could get off public media sources and go about governing,” said Tom . . .