Historic Vale commercial building caves in under snow weight

By Les Zaitz

The Enterprise

VALE – The two-story brick building once home to the Golden Slipper nightclub collapsed into one of Vale’s main streets Monday afternoon, apparently yet another victim of heavy snows.

No one was injured when about half of the building caved in on itself, spilling debris onto A Street.

City officials had been alerted hours earlier to the collapse risk when a passerby noted a crack running along the building’s north wall about 10 feet below the roof line.

City Manager Lynn Findley checked the damage, advised two people to move their cars and then got help from the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office to tape off the building.

Crews from the Oregon Department of Transportation had just finished setting up temporary signs to squeeze A Street to a single lane when the building gave way.

Debris crumpled onto the sidewalk, and . . .