Businesses face recovery as storms crush buildings

A farm rig sits inside a shop that caved in on Jantz Farms east of Vale last week. (Malheur Enterprise/John L. Braese)

By John L. Braese and Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

As many as 100 buildings across Malheur County suffered serious damage in recent weeks because of snow loads, authorities say.

No agency yet has an exact count or what the damage has cost. In Ontario alone, Fire Chief Terry Leighton reported 30 damaged buildings.

The county’s agriculture industry has been severely hampered with several key buildings in Ontario and Nyssa crushed by snow.

Other commercial buildings have failed as well.

In Ontario, Richard Fitzsimonds left work last Thursday night confident he had attended to the threat to Ashley Homestore.

Fitzsimonds, the owner of the well-known furniture shop . . .