Robotics take over milking chore at local dairy

Jason Chamberlain explains the computer system now used by the family dairy to automate milking. (Malheur Enterprise/Pat Caldwell)

By Pat Caldwell

The Enterprise

WILLOW CREEK – The sturdy Guernsey milk cows loitered in knots near the back of Warren Chamberlain’s dairy barn, waiting their turn.

One at a time, the dairy cows slowly ambled over to an unremarkable alcove guarded by a fence railing. A Guernsey stepped into a narrow chute, then disappeared.

The age-old act of milking a cow was underway but here the process is high tech, a symbol of how actions in Salem and fluctuations in the economy merge to impact the heartland.

Milking one of the 500 milk cows at the Chamberlain dairy no longer means rounding up a squad of Guernseys and herding them to . . .