EDITORIAL: Walden poised to be big help to rural Oregon

A wildfire burns southwest of Harper Sunday. A lightning storm over the weekend ignited a number of fires across the region. (FILE PHOTO: The Enterprise/Kelsey Haueter)

Congressman Greg Walden is in the best position of his political career to help rural Oregon, and that’s good news for Malheur County. He should advance as far and hard as he can to clear hurdles to economic revival here.

The alignment in Washington couldn’t be better to do that. Walden, who has served as U.S. representative since 1999, has seen this before – Republicans in control of the House, the Senate and the White House. That constellation, though, hasn’t been in place since 2006.

What’s different – and better – for Walden is his own political ascendancy meantime. He continues as chairman of the . . .