EDITORIAL: This Thanksgiving, consider how to help others

You may feel challenged this Thanksgiving to take a deep breath and reflect. We have been through unsettling times and shifts in the national and regional landscape. Each one of us has been exposed to endless and speculative chatter about the future. Uncertainty induces edginess.

Serve yourself an antidote, and that doesn’t mean just an extra helping of stuffing.

On a big scale, feel good about what is still possible in this country. We retain the utter freedom to speak as we wish, to state without restraint our opinions. The just-finished election proved that. Be angry, if you will, or shake your head over those opinions but be grateful they are there. At other places on the globe, sharing a stark opinion can bring a knock on the door or worse.

Be thankful you get a say in who runs your country, county, and city. You can vote . . .