Just keep them dogies movin’

On the Edge of Common Sense
By Baxter Black, DVM

“Truly a beautiful day to be movin’ cows to summer pasture,” observed Steve’s boss.

Satisfaction wafted off him in gently rising curls. Steve wiped a streak of green off his pant leg with a flat stick.

They’d loaded the cows in a hired semi and the calves into a converted hay wagon. This wagon had rubber tires, a long tongue and 12- foot hand-crafted (homemade) side boards.

There was enough wire at the corners to run transatlantic cable from New York to the Canary Islands!

“I’ll take the calves and lead the way. You ride with the driver,” instructed the boss.

The road picked up incline as the procession wound its way into the hills above Ellensburg. The trailer . . .