Teen lauded for fire response

To the Editor:

On June 25, Jacob Roy of Brogan was at work irrigating for the Willowcreek School when he noticed some smoke coming from down the road. Jacob figured that it was a controlled burn, but his gut said otherwise.

Jacob then decided to get in his pickup and drive to the location of the smoke. On arrival, Roy noticed that a family friend’s property was on fire and quickly getting out of hand. Jacob immediately moved to action by grabbing a shovel and jumping the fence to dig a barrier line between the fire and an alfalfa field that was in jeopardy.

Jacob didn’t just stop at saving the crop, he quickly finished that task and moved to the other side of the property where the fire was quickly spreading to the home of the property owners. Roy was able to put the fire out with help from the owner and saved the home by suffocating the flames with water and dirt.

Jacob is a true hero in the eyes of the community, and I know I speak for many when I say “Thank you.”

Hannah Mae-Marie Roy