Advice for the senators

To the Editor:

It’s reassuring that Oregon’s Senators Wyden and Merkley are concerned about Malheur County’s economic future? They inform us that mineral exploration will limit our economic future?

Coincidently the “proposed” mineral withdrawal area coincides with the “proposed” 2.5 million-acre monument.

Therefore we can conclude its one multiple use is inconsistent, others will follow. This has been “our protectors’” mode of operation. Once before a senator, Hatfield, assured citizens of central and southern Malheur County that if they endorsed scenic and wild river designation for the Owyhee river, grandfathered uses would be protected. The ink hadn’t dried when those concerned with our welfare went to court telling grandfather “too bad.”

On another occasion a meeting was held in Jordan Valley, BLM Wilderness and economic boom associated with it.

Businessman Floyd Acarregui stood . . .