Gas tax blues: Meet the new tax, same as the old tax?

The wheels of officialdom are moving inexorably toward a mileage tax to fund needed road repairs. While the idea is still in the talking stages, the talk is more persistent and we can’t help but feel the question now is what shape that plan will take, not whether it will happen at all.

The idea has been percolating for some time. The intent is to raise money for highway and roadwork as our existing gas tax program lags behind the needs.

As reported on Oregonlive. Com, a legislative task force is mulling the ideas. That comes in the wake of a state Department of Transportation pilot project, which began a year ago, to test the mileage system. The pilot project used voluntary signups, but enrollment, despite a spendy promotion campaign, fell short of what state officials hoped to attain by now.

Yet . . .