‘Lost’ is just a state of mind

On the Edge of Common Sense
By Baxter Black, DVM

A source of pride amongst cowboys is knowin’ the lay of the land.

And any poor fool that gets lost they figger ain’t much of a hand!

They said, “We’ll all meet at Bull Crick!” Then looked at me like a trainee!

“Draw me a map and I’ll find it! Columbus had nothin’ on me!”

Daylight broke into my windshield, headed south and loaded for bear.

I turned at the Grasmere station I should’a shot myself right there!

Nothin’ was like they described it, no mailbox where it should be,

No coyote hide on the fence post, now where’s Mary’s Crick s’posed to be?

Their map showed tourist attractions including, I swear . . .