Meet draws Viking tracksters to Burns

BURNS — The Vale girls track team clinched sixth place while the boys finished eighth in team standings at Oster’s Burns Lions Invitational Saturday.

The Vale girls claimed sixth place with 39.5 team points while the boys team finished with 39 team points.

Both the Ontario boys and girls teams clinched first place at the invitational. The Ontario boys team score of 130.5 secured the top team score while the Tiger girls finished with 1367.5 team points for first.

The Vale boys 4×100 relay team — consisting of Beau Belnap, Jake Delong, Aidan Schlupe and Connely Schlupe — secured third place while Dallie Johnson won the 400 meter race for the Vale girls team. Vale’s Chikote Buckway claimed fifth place in the Javelin.

Carli Erstrom clinched fourth place for the Vale girls’ team in the Discus.

Vale placers: (top 5 only)

Burns Lions Invitational


4×100 relay: Vale – 3rd– Beau Belnap, Jake Delong, Aidan Schlupe, Connely Schlupe: 48.32

Javelin 800g: 5th Chikote Buckway

High Jump: Connely Schlupe 4th; Aidan Schlupe 5th

Pole Vault: Jake Delong 2nd

Long Jump: Connelly Schlupe 5th

Long Jump: Connelly Schlupe, 5th

Triple Jump: Chikote Buckway, 4th


400 METERS: Dallie Johnson 1st

Discus: Carli Erstrom, 4th

High Jump: Erin Fulk, 5th place

Triple Jump: 1st Dallie Johnson