New home for nursery

The modest Ontario house that holds the Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery is crammed, and that’s no exaggeration, with signs of learning and love.

In one room, boxes of teaching toys and materials, separated and labeled by age and gender, are stacked floor-to-ceiling next to a pair of paperwork-laden desk-work stations. In the kitchen, child-sized tables form an L-shape that dominates the floor space. Upstairs an attic area is transformed into a combined workroom-storehouse, with free-standing shelves of arts and crafts supplies, racks of used children’s clothing, and a wall-length row of boxed emergency goods – from boxed food to laundry soap – to patch families through times of extreme need.

The entrance area, once someone’s living room, is the “bear room” – doubling as reception and early intervention . . .