Beef, chicken and a good cause are on the menu

An unfortunate situation 400 miles away at the coast has some folks a little misty-eyed about the menu for the coming Vale Fire and Ambulance fundraiser dinner. Yes, the traditional crab feed is being turned into a steak and chicken feed this year. But here’s the thing, folks, crustaceans are not – repeat, not – the point.

The organizers have had good turnouts for their crab feeds in the past. A lot of folks love seafood, and crab is a good wrinkle to draw a crowd here in the heart of beef country.

However, the conditions simply conspired against that menu this year. The explanations are mixed: Climate change, toxic waters, overfishing, too many natural predators lurking in too-warm waters, or a little of all of the above. Whatever rationale you favor, the result at the markets is a breath-taking price for crab . . .