ODFW unveils new deer, elk, antelope premium hunts

The Enterprise

SALEM – May 15 is the deadline to apply for new premium hunts for deer, elk and pronghorn antelope, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced.

The new months-long season will cost cost a few lucky hunters just $8.

Hunters who draw tags for the new premium hunts will get a two or three-month season hunt – Sept. 1-Nov. 30 for deer and elk, Aug. 1-Sept. 30 for pronghorn. The bag limit is either sex with no antler restrictions.

Premium hunts are also additional hunting opportunities, meaning hunters who draw them can still get a regular controlled or general season tag.

Hunters need to apply by May 15, and can do so online or at a license sales agent.

Most wildlife management units will have one deer and . . .