It’s about access and economics

By Keith Baltzor
To the Enterprise

Oregon Natural Desert Association, Keen Footwear and other supporters are proposing a National Conservation Area (Monument) for 2,579,032 acres of land entirely within Malheur county. Within this area, 2,012,350 acres would be designated as Wilderness and 50 miles of Wild and Scenic River. It involves the majority of land from McDermitt, Nevada, nearly to Adrian, and from roughly the Malheur-Harney county line to the Oregon/Idaho state line.

It includes 47 percent of all federal land in Malheur County and is 1,279,032 acres larger than all privately owned land in the county. The area proposed is, in a word, massive!

ONDA plows forward its selfish agenda with no regard for the thousands of people, local economies, or ecosystems that will be adversely affected. ONDA has failed to acknowledge collaborative efforts . . .