Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Gov. Brown: We, the senior citizens of the State of Oregon, do hereby request that you add the sum of $10 million to your annual budget to cover the costs of administrative and distribution fees, with the remaining balance to go to senior citizens to cover the increased costs of living due to the increase in the minimum wage.

How are you going to justify raising the minimum wage for the State of Oregon without compensation to senior citizens, who are on a fixed income? The cost of living raises equally with an increase in the minimum wage, but the buying power of senior citizens is reduced.

Increasing the minimum wage without a cost of living adjustment for senior citizens will bankrupt and starve us. We won’t have money to eat out, pay rent, buy groceries and medications, and many other everyday necessities that we cannot live without.

If some action is not taken in the interest of senior citizens, we will be forced to combine forces to put this issue on the ballot.

Ron Bickmore
John Tucke